About Us


according the CAEN codification, the main activity of AUTOMOTIVE COMPLETE SYSTEMS Lt is the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles and engines of vehicle and other parts and accessories for motor vehicles and engines of vehicle.

We operate in Campulung – Muscel as one of the members of GIC – Industrial Components Group, a group of companies fully dedicated to the automotive business, one of the most diversified automotive suppliers in Romania.


Gaining our customers’ trust through quality products.


Continuous evolution for ACS recognition as a first class organization inside GIC , but not only.

Evolution and experience

Our company was founded in 2000, starting the activity with one team of 25 people. Shortly after, in 2003, the number of employees reached 350, while today we are proud of our team of 650 employees, of our experience of over 15 years in the automotive industry and of continuous development of our activity.

Once we capitalized both our own experience and the one of over 30 years of GIC’s, we registered also a diversification of products and implemented technologies.

Our strenghts

  • 100% production in conformity with customer planning, work just in time, high quality level, all these at a competitive price;
  • Apply Lean manufacturing in processes as a continuous improvement methodology;
  • Continuous improvement of the SMI management using an information management software;
  • Optimal logistics in our organization;
  • Use predictive and preventive maintenance;
  • Shortest feedback to orders;
  • Maintain and continuously improve the IMS according to the requirements of ISO/TS 16949 (ISO 9001 included), ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001;
  • Young and committed skilled personnel;
  • High level quality;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Reliable, strong organization.